The Rise of the Beast?
The year of our LORD AD2017

After World War I the mighty Ottoman Empire (Caliphate) was wounded in its head, of all the many nations that comprised the Empire only the nation of Turkey remained.  All the territories and countries the Caliphate had controlled before the war were divided up between the victorious Western Allies. 

At the time… the entire world was shocked and wondered at the demise of the mighty Ottomans.  One of the greatest empires the world had ever known had been wounded in the head and for one hundred years no one has expected the Caliphate to be revived

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.  And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,  (Revelation 13:11-13)

Today the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq claims to be the restored Caliphate, with a Caliph at its head.  The Caliph’s name is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  In public al-Baghdadi often appears to be a mild mannered man---some (his deranged followers) would describe him as almost lamb like---but, when he speaks, the Caliph roars like a DRAGON!  His power comes from the ISIS Terror Army.

He is 43 years old and has a pleasant countenance, peaceful as a lamb.  But… he speaks with fire… like a dragon.  He is the Caliph, his name is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his terror army consisting of tens of thousands of fighters (a number that grows every day) has moved through the geography with the murderous viciousness of the hordes of Muhammad in the 7th century.  The Muslim world has been without a Caliph and Commander of the Faithful for ninety years, and now the new Radical Islamic entity in Iraq and Syria known as the Islamic State has put forth a pretender to claim the title.  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was born in the town of Samarra, Iraq in 1971; his contemporaries have said that growing up he loved football and some describe Baghdadi as being shy and religious, a man who eschewed violence.  As an adult he became involved with the Sunni Muslim insurgency after the downfall of the dictator, Saddam Hussein.  At one point Baghdadi was arrested, spending time in an Iraqi prison only to be released after less than a year, the authorities deeming him to not be a serious threat.  They were wrong!  Baghdadi joined the armed insurgency and rose through the ranks quickly until finally his followers chose him to be their leader and gave him the tile of Caliph Ibrahim. 

Al-Baghdadi is the top target in the war against ISIL. U.S. Intelligence believes he is in Raqqa, Syria keeping a low profile, hiding among the civilian population. The proximity of civilians makes targeting him off limits.  However, photos of Baghdadi at a possible public appearance in a Fallujah mosque surfaced in February 2016.

On 14 August 2015, it was reported that he has claimed, as his wife, an American hostage named Kayla Mueller and has raped her repeatedly.  Mueller was later alleged to have been killed in an air strike by anti ISIS forces in February 2015.  However, other reports cite that Mueller was murdered by ISIS.  Knowing Al Bagdahi it’s likely this woman is still alive, suffering hell at the hands of this drooling monster.




The ISIS Terror Army had its beginnings in Iraq as Al Qaeda in Iraq.  When the Syrian Civil War erupted, ISIS was under tremendous military pressure from American forces in Iraq; the “Surge” was at its height.  No match for the Americans, ISIS abandoned Iraq and moved into Northern Syria where it settled in the city of Aleppo.  But soon rebel groups opposing Syrian Dictator, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, realized ISIS had different objectives then they did (ISIS was interested in forming an Islamic Republic and instituting strict Sharia law).  The other rebel groups turned on them and pushed them out of Aleppo.


ISIS moved east, taking the town of Jarablous near Syria’s border with Turkey, which is an artery for money and supplies.  Surprised at their success, the embryonic Terror Army seized the town of Sarrin south of Jarablous.  Then, moving east, Maskana soon fell to ISIS fighters.  As they met with success after success the ISIS Army grew larger and stronger and more competent taking control of Iraq's largest hydroelectric dam on Iraq's Tigris River, including the oil fields of Ain Zala and the cities of Batma and Raqqah where they began instituting strict Sharia law.  Non-Muslims were given the choice… convert or die.  Captured Iraqi soldiers were summarily executed.  The capture of Mosul, Iraq's second-largest northern city, and a key political, military and commercial hub finally brought the group some serious attention. 

Along the way to Mosel (a city of 1,500,000) ISIS enslaved thousands of women mostly young girls who they sell for thousands of dollars each and have slaughtered Christians, Yasidis and Kurds by the thousands.  ISIS has no problems with Genocide.  They have held mass executions of Iraqi soldiers and have crucified men, women and children.  They do not hesitate to kill.  ISIS has leaped forth upon the world like a vicious bloodthirsty leopard, powerful, vicious and bloody.  Interesting that they began in the Euphrates and Tigris Delta where the bible says the Garden of GOD was and where Adam and Eve began the human race something like fifty thousand years ago.  Today in AD 2017 there is pressure on ISIS from the Iraqi army and American advisors.  The city of Mosel is under siege and the allies have made progress.  ISIS is now relegated to Raqqa their capital in Syria where they are not under pressure from Assad and the Russians. 


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The Renaissance artist Raphael depicts his vision of Michael the Archangel defeating Lucifer… who will become Satan and is cast into Hell!  This great work of art hangs today in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.  Raphael, a great Italian artist, was born in 1483 and died in Rome in 1520.    

The painting reminds us that no matter how victorious the enemies of GOD may seem at any given time… we have read the last chapters in the Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Apostle John on the Greek Island of Patmos.  Hold up your right hand before your face and spread your middle and fore fingers into a V shape and look at them, then, SMILE…  Hey Guys!  WE WIN!

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The 8th Beast

And I beheld another beast
coming up out of the earth;

(Revelation 13:11-13)


In May of 2012, Christian Author and Faith Teacher... J. B. Hickok sat down and outlined what had been revealed to him concerning the End Times.

What J. B. Hickok offers you the reader is merely one more interpretation of end times scripture, however, the author believes this is the correct interpretation of GOD’S WORD.  Mister Hickok believes this truth was revealed to him and too many others by the Holy Spirit. But how will anyone know whether this is the truth or not? Judge a prophet by his prophecy. If he is a prophet then his prophecy will come to pass. Judge the following study by events that should soon began to unfold. At the end of this document there will be a listing of occurrences Christians and Jews should be looking for. If J. B. Hickok is able to predict future events, then if you are a believer… prepare yourself.


The King James Version Bible is made up of 2 sections: The Old Testament and the New Testament. The Protestant Bible contains 66 Books from Genesis to Revelation; 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament.  The Old Testament section of the Protestant Bible (KJV) is a translation of the ancient Hebrew (Jewish) scriptures which contain the original Covenant Almighty GOD made with the ancient Hebrew Nation.  The New Testament of the Protestant Bible is a translation of the writings and works of the followers and Apostles of Jesus Christ and is based upon the New Covenant that Jesus made with humanity.  The New Covenant is a fulfillment of the Old Covenant but does not replace the Old Covenant.

There are many translations of the Protestant Bible, the New International, the Good News Bible, etc.  Many are faithful translations of the scriptures however some are apostate translations.  If the translation you prefer talks about stories and fables in its footnotes, then you should get another translation.  The great Evangelist, Billy Graham, is said to have answered a reporter upon one occasion with this explanation, the reporter had asked; “Mr. Graham do you really believe that Jonah was swallowed by a whale?”  Billy responded, “I believe that not only was Jonah inside the great fish, but if God had wished it… Jonah would have swallowed the whale.  



There are three biblical books important to Eschatology: the Old Testament books of Daniel and Ezekiel and the New Testament book of Revelation. The book of Revelation has mystified believers for centuries and various interpretations have resulted. Some of the interpretations are at odds with each other, therefore, it stands to reason that all cannot be true. So, does anyone have the truth?  Does anyone have an irrefutable interpretation of Revelation?  No… and no.  There have been many attempts to unravel the symbolic language handed down to us in the book of Revelation. Some are diametrically opposed to each other. All of them cannot be correct. The truth is… only GOD sees the end from the beginning. Only GOD the Father knows exactly what the flowery language and intricate prophecy within Revelation means. The rest of us can only hope to gain as much understanding as possible. It is obvious that GOD gave us the Revelation for a purpose. Was HIS purpose that someone would unravel and reveal the exact meaning? We don’t believe that to be the case. How about Messiah? Of the thousands of Messianic scriptures in the Old Testament did men and women in Jesus’ day get it right? Did the Apostles get it right? Jesus taught the Apostles for three and one half years, so, at the end did they get it right? When they all ran away and hid in fear after the events on Calvary, were they thinking, Ah, Yes, Jesus is the slain Messiah, therefore I must hide and shiver in fear? The purpose of the Book of Revelation is to serve as a warning. When we see these things happening, the events described, then we know that the end time is near.  If the time is near then it is time to double down on faith.  Only faith will hold the armies of anti-Christ at bay.





In February, 2015:  ISIS captured 21 Coptic Christians who were working in Libya, marched them out onto a beach on the coast and beheaded them, videotaping the entire gruesome massacre.  The Left Wing ISIS Muslim in charge of the grizzly operation explained that they were spilling the blood of these infidels in the same water where the blood of Sheik Osama was spilled, referring to the unceremonious burial of Osama Bin Laden in the ocean after he was brought to justice by heroic Navy SEALS.

Update by J. B. Hickok… January, 2017

ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) is gaining new recruits every day… this effort to recruit young zealots to the cause is unsurpassed since the nineteen-twenties when German youth flocked to Adolph Hitler’s twisted banner by hundreds of thousands.  Some recent estimates are that ISIS has an army of fighters and support-staff numbering one hundred thousand.

The putrid evil of the ISIS organization has not seen on the face of the planet since the Dark Ages, their savagery surpassing even that of the aforementioned Nazi’s.  The depravity of ISIS so pronounced, so beyond the pale, they have done the unthinkable and established SLAVERY in the conquered areas.  The Islamic State sees SLAVERY as a good recruiting tool, holding out the prospect that volunteers could obtain the rights to pubescent female slaves---sex slaves---that MUST perform the fighter’s bidding.  Slaves becoming a perk of the job.  The city of Raqqa in northern Syria is the Islamic State’s capital where they have established a thriving slave market in the center of the city.  Weekly, thousands of slaves are run through the market and sold… young girls put up on the block… estimates are the number of slaves may include two hundred thousand souls.  According to UN investigators, girls as young as ten are put up nude, examined like cattle and sold.  There being an established pecking order for the best merchandise… Sheiks getting first choice, then Imams, and then fighters at the bottom.  All the teenagers are sold and their owners may use them in any manner they choose.  Usually, they become sex slaves and are sold and resold at will, sort of like trading valuable baseball cards in America.  One Yasidi girl is reported to have refused to perform a specific sex act with her Muslim master and he had her burned to death as a warning to his other slaves. (Yasidis’s are an ethnic group who have existed in northern Syria for centuries and were recently subjugated by Islamic State fighters.  Any Non-Muslim female who comes under the power of the Islamic State is subject to being enslaved… be they Yasidi, Kurd, Christian or Jew). 

Note:  Slavery has existed in Muslim nations throughout the centuries even after the institution was destroyed within the West.  But there has never on earth been anything like what is happening right now in the lands where ISIS has taken root.  There has never been an Institution (Slave Market) as depraved as that created by the Islamic State.

Presently, as we enter the Year of Our LORD, Jesus Christ, AD 2017… events are unfolding.  The territory in Syria and Iraq that ISIS has held for years is under pressure (in Syria) from Russian, Syrian and Iranian forces and (in Iraq) by Government forces from the south (along with Iranian militias) and Kurdish forces in the north.  Mosel, Iraq (a city in northern Iraq with a population of 1,500.000 that ISIS conquered and has controlled for 3 years) may be liberated in coming months by Iraqi forces… unfortunately; the Iraqis are reinforced by Shiite Militias under the direct control of the Iranians.  The actual landmass that made up the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is shrinking, however, the ISIS cancer had already metastasized into countries all over the Middle East and Africa.  They are active in several countries including:  (not a complete list) Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt (in the Sinai Peninsula), Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan and the Philippines.  President Obama and his team of crack White House Specialists that included Susan Rice (National Security Advisor) and Valerie Jarrett (White House Advisor) had put together a strategy aimed at placating the American public into not seeing Islamic terror as an imminent threat which of course had the logical effect… ISIS is everywhere.  President Obama’s objective was to “whistle past the graveyard” and hand the problem off on the next person in the Office (who he arrogantly assumed would be a Progressive).  Obama’s White House always used language as a tool---an old strategy of the far left---they were careful to refer  to ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) by different names, calling them ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) and DAESH (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham).  The Progressive idea behind using various names to identify a problem is to confuse the American public.  The President and his Secretary’s would lump ISIS terror together with workplace violence and mass shootings (which occur periodically and are usually perpetrated by insane individuals).  The Administration’s response to ISIS terror (that is, when they did respond) was to use terror incidents as an excuse to disarm the American public and weaken Second Amendment Rights.

Meanwhile, during the eight years of the Obama Regime, Radical Islamic Terrorists continued to rollover the Middle-East and Africa, striking fear into the hearts of faraway despots and closer to home… Liberals!

Today… ISIS is more powerful than they have ever been and their atrocities mount up as they seek to demonstrate to the Muslim world they are as invincible as was Mohammad when he struck fear into the hearts of every living soul in the Arabian Peninsula five hundred years ago.



Update:  April, AD2017… There’s a new sheriff in town!  President Donald J. Trump took the oath of office as 49th President of the United State a mere three months ago while in the same time period events were rapidly unfolding in the Middle East. 

This month in Syria, the Assad regime---aided and abetted by the Russians---used poison nerve gas on their own people.  Taking off from a base near the Mediterranean Sea, Syrian air force jets slid up and over an area above the Homs Valley just north of their base, circling ominously above the town of Khan Sheikhoun. The ominous war planes circled for a few minutes then dropped their deadly cargo upon the civilian populace… indiscriminately murdering; men, women and children. There are rumors that six hours after the attack Russian warplanes bombed the hospital where the chemical weapon victims had been taken, many analysts believe in order to destroy human evidence of the attack. 




On April 12 the United Nations adopted a resolution supported by the United States condemning Syrian Dictator, Baser al Assad, for war crimes.  Every member of the Security Council voted in favor of the condemnation except for Russia who vetoed the resolution.  China abstained.  Prior to the vote President Trump’s chosen Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, took the Russians to the woodshed with a speech reminiscent of that of the 1963 speech of America’s UN Ambassador, Adlai Stevenson, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  As a result of the chemical attack on the helpless, President Trump ordered American warships to destroy the base from where the Syrian aircraft came.  Whereupon, two American Destroyers steaming in the Mediterranean Sea set off their compliment of tomahawk missiles.  The Syrian Air Base---home to a number of Soviet-era MiG 23, MiG 25 and Su 22 jets---was hit by a blizzard of 59 missiles; MiG fighters, bunkers, ammunition depots and barracks were destroyed. 

At last we have a President who understands the meaning of evil and how to respond.





As an Aside:  One recent news article concerning ISIS states:  The Israeli Defense Force has intensified efforts to collect information on ISIS-Sinai Province, the Islamic State’s affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula, after the group issued several threats against the Jewish state.  Israeli Military Intelligence has added ‘heavy’ and classified operative layers to its efforts to increase and improve the collection and monitoring of Islamic State’s Sinai Province.  The terror group, known as “the most effective ISIS branch in the Middle East,” recently published videos calling for attacks on Israeli targets.  Those videos echo the recent audio recording by ISIS leader and “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi threatening that Israel “will be a graveyard” for Jews and warning that “Allah assembled you in Palestine so that the Muslims kill you.”  “Allah assembled you in Palestine so that the Muslims kill you.”  Sounds like language the Iranians would use. 


Right now, today... in May of 2012… there are millions of Muslims in the world and they are a fast growing population.  Most Muslims have the same wants and desires everyone else has.  They want to live in peace; they desire the basics of life, a place to live and food on the table.  They want their children to get an education and have a better life then they had.  These things are universal.  Most Muslims are civilized people who just want a better life.

Prior to World War II you could have said the very same thing about Germans.  The Germans were not considered to be evil nor should they have been.  They had created a culture that had given the world so much:  music; advancements in science; literature.  Most Germans were civilized people who just wanted a better life.  However, moving almost unnoticed amidst a sea of Germans prior to World War II was a fierce, murderous, hate-filled movement, known as the National Socialists.  At first they were a minority within the German population but, as the decade of the 1920’s slid by, the National Socialists (the Nazis) gained the support of the Communists and Socialists.  The left eagerly entered into pacts with the Nazis thinking they would be in a position to share in the spoils.  They believed that in the ensuing chaos of extremist victory they would sweep the crazies aside, but that’s not how it all turned out.  The German people came to accept Nazism and during the 1930’s were voting for them in completely democratic elections and the crazies were winning by margins of eighty percent.  That is, eighty percent of the German population approved of the Nazi Party.  The Nazis tightened their grip on the nation by destroying their former allies; the Communists and Radical Socialists, and the nation applauded.  Eventually, there was one power left---Nazis.  At the height of their popularity, the German people accepted the Nazis by overwhelming margins.  It would have been difficult to find a German who didn’t support the National Socialists at their height.

The Communists, Socialists and left-wing fanatics of today, those who riot in the streets and call for redistribution of the wealth, who want to lynch rich bankers from the nearest street lamp, who want to confiscate the wealth of those who have more then they do--- they are in the equation as well.  They thrill at the “Arab Spring” and ignore the fast approaching “Arab Winter”.  The perception among the left is of people of color finally rising up against the common enemy, the Capitalists.  In the 1930’s the grandfathers of today’s Communists and Radical Socialists allied themselves with the National Socialists---today their offspring are allying themselves with the “Arab Spring”.  The time will come when they will openly side with hate-filled Muslims and cause chaos throughout the West.  Already Hollywood sweetheart groups like the Communists of Code Pink have aligned themselves with the murderous HAMAS group, which controls the Gaza Strip.  Soon even more radical left wing groups will come out of the closet and will ally themselves with the Islamic murderers.  They will help the Radical Muslim killers bring down the economies of the West.  They will absorb anti Semitic hatred to their very core.  The Communists will openly become a “hate the Jew” movement; the seeds have already been planted.  The Radical Socialists will openly call for eliminating “Jew Bankers” and others.  The anti Wall Street people will adopt anti Semitic hatred as the core of their agenda.  These left wing groups also have in common a hatred for all religion, especially Christianity.  They will all work to persecute Christians as well.

The roots of anti Semitic hatred are already firmly planted within leftist movements of today (think of Code Pink).  They HATE ISRAEL openly; HATING ISREAL IS LEFT WING CODE FOR HATING JEWS.  Jew hatred is rampant in Europe and will grow in intensity here in the United States as left-wing groups grow bolder and bolder.  The fall bulbs of the final one-world-government and final one-world-religion have been planted and are taking root right now.  Israel is becoming surrounded.

Many bulbs that we Plant in the Fall,
will sprout  in the Spring,
look beautiful in the Summer,
death will follow in Winter.

The power behind Nazi Germany was Satanic.  The power behind the coming spread of Radical Islam will also be Satanic.  The Nazis are one example of Anti-Christ, or rather, the beast that comes up out of the sea.  Satan will keep trying until he finally gets it right.  There have been many Anti-Christ’s and many false starts for Satan… will the coming Caliphate finally get it right?

Presently there are forty-eight countries that have Muslim populations representing more than fifty percent of the total population of the country.  Some of them are:
     Saudi Arabia


This represents only seventeen of the forty-eight and all of these countries presently have substantial problems with Islamic terrorist movements within their borders.  Some of them are terrorist nations that actively promote terror activities against the West and Israel.  Wherever reputable opinion polls are taken to measure prevalent attitudes among the populations within the nations listed above, overwhelming majorities express hatred for Jews.  The percent of the population in Egypt for example that express hatred for Jews is something like sixty percent.  Overwhelmingly, Muslim populations express sympathy with the activities of organizations like Al Qaeda.  Overwhelmingly, they express support for a war of annihilation against tiny Israel.  Already---today---the Muslim populations of these nations are farther along the road to TOTAL HATRED then the German people were in 1930.

Where did the roots of Jew hate come from among Muslims?  One source was Muhammad’s early persecution of Jews at the beginning of his career of murderous conquest.  But the roots of anti Semitic hate go back further than that, something like four thousand years, back to Isaac and Ishmael.  Isaac was the legitimate child of Abraham and his wife Sarah, while Ishmael was Abraham’s son by his Egyptian concubine, Hagar.  Abraham is the patriarch (grandfather) of the ancient Hebrew nation, the people of GOD.  And Abraham was a friend to GOD, quite literally---he was a friend to GOD.  Hagar was an Egyptian outcast whom Abraham had taken in and given to Sarah as her servant.  When Sarah believed she would never have children she begged her husband to father a child with Hagar, which he did.  When they grew to adolescence, Ishmael, the older boy, hated his younger half brother Isaac.  Ishmael hated his brother because Isaac was Abraham’s legitimate heir while he was the lesser son, the son of a slave, never to be legitimate.  Ishmael punished Isaac by striking him and bullying him mercilessly.  Finally Sarah went to Abraham and told him about the abuse.  As a result Abraham banished Ishmael and his Egyptian mother Hagar from the camp and drove then out into the wilderness.  God found the mother and her son in the wilderness and had mercy upon them because Hagar had been abandoned by her own people and now by her adopted people.  God led them to water and spared their lives, promising the mother of Ishmael that her son would become the patriarch of a proud and fierce desert people, the desert Bedouins later to become known as Arabs.  The hate that Arabs have for Jews is hereditary; it comes down to them in their spiritual genes, inherited from their ancestor, Ishmael.  This is a spiritual hatred that will never lessen until the day when Jesus rules over the earth.   This is the driving spirit behind Islam.  Muhammad crafted Islam as a response to Judaism and Christianity.  He dictated the Koran and sought to incorporate Judaism and Christianity within his tome.  He gave the world a fake Christianity and a fake Judaism and pretended he alone was in discourse with god.  Muhammad was a fierce desert general and false prophet; the god he described was fierce, jealous, and vengeful… who do you think he was describing?

1 Peter 5:8  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

Will the Caliphate have its way?  Will one world government under Sharia law take over the planet?  Certainly this is the description of the planet given to John in the Revelation.  In the end times all this will come about.  There have been many attempts, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler---but all of them failed.  Why?  Because at least one of the two Witnesses was still vibrant and alive---because the two witnesses of GOD were prowling about, some calling down GOD’S fire from heaven, while others remained steadfast before the enemies of GOD.  Because there were vibrant Churches and Synagogues, full of life, and there were Ministries that were on fire for GOD.  When the one world government begins to take shape---will GOD still have a witness on the earth---will there still be men and women of faith preaching the gospel, bringing the WORD of GOD into all the world, or, will the remnant shrink away and tremble in the face of withering hatred?  Will they shut up?  Will they turn away from any expression of open faith?  Will there still be an Old Testament and a New Testament witness?